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Sample Course Syllabi

Available for Download

ECO 202

Course Date: Spring 2021

Principles of Macroeconomics. Includes methods for COVID-19 safe testing procedures and hybrid zoom capabilities.

ECO 110

Course Date: Summer 2020

Principles of Macroeconomics. This course was given at Bellarmine University when serving as an Adjunct Faculty Member. Includes hybrid COVID-19 safe procedures, developed last minute but quickly adopted by all students.

ECO 391

Course Date: Fall 2019

Economic and Business Statistics. Includes empirical case studies, group projects, and frequent excel use for problem sets.

ECO/MA 327

Course Date: Spring 2019

Introduction to Game Theory. Heavy emphasis on in-class activities and hands-on problem solving of strategy games.

ECO 402

Course Date: Summer 2018

Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory. Includes small calculus review. Since the class size was small, I used weekly open-ended discussions of core macroeconomic models in the real world.

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